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In our fast-changing, uncertain world, those who know how to innovate will be able to adapt and thrive.

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Humans have an incredible ability to adapt to our environment.

Most likely your life today is different from 10 years ago. It’s also likely that your organisation, if it existed then, was different too. Change is inevitable.

The forces for change may be external, like pandemics, or internal such as a drive to achieve your organisation’s vision. Whatever the forces, we know that the pace of change is increasing, the world is less certain, and if organisations struggle to adapt, they will not survive.

For an organisation to be adaptive, innovation needs to be embedded as a way of thinking, a way of working.

Adaptology partners with organisations to help them adapt, so they don’t just survive, but thrive.

We help people understand & apply innovation principles & tools to their everyday work

Find the best opportunities for innovation

Increase the creativity of ideas

Test ideas quickly and cheaply to check if they’ll meet expectations

Remove error (bias and noise) from how you innovate 

Pitch your ideas with power so you are truly heard

Ensure leaders and managers understand how to nurture a culture of innovation



To help leaders get clear with where they need to focus to build their innovation capability and culture. If you are putting together your innovation strategy and want to chat about it and get feedback, this is where we can help in one-on-one or small group meetings, either face-to-face or virtually.



To help people from all levels of the organisation to understand and apply the principles of innovation in their day job. Training sessions are customised to meet your needs from one hour to a full program that builds understanding of the entire innovation process. All can be delivered either face-to-face or virtually.



To support individuals and teams to move from theory to practice, coaching is essential. To build innovation skills, people need to be able to apply knowledge and receive feedback on their performance.  Giving people knowledge without the chance to put into practice and get feedback is akin to teaching music without giving the person an instrument or a teacher.



Short 30 to 45 min keynotes to inspire teams to see change as positive and embark on the journey of becoming an adaptive organisation. Face-to-face or virtual delivery.


Book club
The Book Club

Want to read the best books that exist on this planet on how to develop a deeper understanding of innovation & how to do it?

Each meeting will focus on a specific book and what can be applied in the real world.

Executive club
The Transformers

A group that brings together Executives from different industries, who are passionate about transforming their organisations.



Deep dive for 30 – 45 min on innovation topics from anywhere or drop into an Office Hours to ask an innovation question.

Linda Sands, PhD, EMBA

Coach & Founder of Adaptology

Linda’s approach to helping individuals and organisations adapt involves finding what works – that is, what is grounded in theory and proven in the real world, thereby established as best practice.

With a PhD in Biomedical Science and Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School, Linda applies her ability to research across multiple domains of science, including behavioural science, and business to seek out those nuggets of wisdom that will help people adapt.

Beyond the theory, she also brings her 10 years of experience as a marketer in a global life sciences company, with real-world understanding and experience of the challenges encountered in creating change in large companies.

As an experienced innovation consultant and workshop facilitator, she has presented live in over ten countries across Asia and the US.

Linda is passionate about empowering people; helping to clarify their thinking, ensuring they understand the principles and have the tools to succeed in truly creating value. 


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