Helping organisations become better at innovation

Do you see challenges to achieving your organisation’s goals and vision?

If you do, this is when you most need innovation and it’s where we can help. 

Innovation people

Our mission

We help organisations become better at innovation.

When your organisation is faced with challenges, whether it be a new competitor, or changing customer expectations, you need to be adaptable. 

And to be adaptable, your organisation needs innovation embedded as a way of thinking, a way of working.

We can support you in a range of ways depending on your needs and budget.

Our support ranges from one-time training workshops through to providing an in-house innovation coach available for a set number of hours each week dedicated to supporting you on your journey. 

Finally, everything we do is customised for you because we’re about IMPACT. 

Your needs  

We need people to think differently and innovatively, otherwise we won’t achieve our goals.

We need a common understanding of what innovation is and embed an innovation framework.

We need our people to understand how they can contribute with innovation.

We need to innovate but we need to manage our risk at the same time.

Our customers don’t see us as innovative and we need to change this.

We need to create an innovation culture. This is important in attracting top talent.

Our services


The first step when changing or improving anything is to understand the current state.

By interviewing employees and using an innovation benchmarking survey, we will get clear on where you need to focus to improve your organisation’s innovation capability and culture.


If you expect employees to innovate, they need to understand what innovation is and how to do it. We train people at all levels of the organisation in these innovation fundamentals.

Training sessions are customised to meet your needs, and delivered face-to-face or virtually.



Whilst training people is necessary, it is not enough. If you expect people to apply what they have learned to solve real business problems, coaching is key.

After training, a coach is only a Zoom call away to provide feedback to employees as they put theory into practice.

Free resources

Learning Hub

If you would like to learn more about innovation, check out the Learning Hub.

Access training videos, articles and discover the best books to read to build your expertise in innovation.

Book club
Book Club

Want to read the best books on how to develop a deeper understanding of innovation and how to do it?

Each quarter, we focus on a different book and how the learnings can be applied in the real world.

Linda Sands, PhD, EMBA, GradDipPsych

Coach & Founder of Adaptology

Linda is a seasoned Innovation Coach and Consultant who assists organisations in adopting a human-centered approach to innovation. She takes an inter-disciplinary approach that spans behavioral science, businessand management.

With a PhD in Biomedical Science, Executive MBA and Graduate Diploma in Psychology, Linda applies her ability to research across multiple domains to seek out those nuggets of wisdom that will help people adapt.

Beyond the theory, she also brings a decade of experience as a marketer in a global life sciences company, working across the Asia-Pacific region, with real-world understanding and experience of the challenges encountered in innovating in multinational companies.

Linda has a proven track record in helping organisations across different industries, including government, defence, not-for-profit, entertainment, automotive, finance, pharmaceutical, and health. Her support has ranged from one-off workshops to long-term engagements, supporting organisations over years as an in-house Innovation Coach.

With Linda’s support, organisations can embed a human-centered approach to innovation, that becomes a critical enabler to achieving their goals and long-term vision.  


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