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Defining innovation

Defining innovation is important as you get clear in simple, concrete terms what we mean by innovation. It is also essential when working with others so that everyone has a common understanding of what the team is trying to achieve.

The 5-step innovation process

Understanding how to innovate is important if you are trying to innovate. Where do you start? What do you do next?  Follow a process so you can break innovation down into something do-able.

Types of innovation

Understand the different types of innovation so you and your team know whether you are focused on improving the existing business, in a small or large way, or whether you need to make a big change that will set you up for the future. You can find an article that summarises the key points of this video here.

The importance of both theory and practice in innovation

Both theory and practice are important when innovating. However, beware of being “too theoretical” and not following through to practice.

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