Best books

Want to be better at innovation and create change that sticks? With over 60,000 “Innovation” books available on Amazon, where do you start?  You can’t go wrong with these…

Getting started with the basics of innovation

Anthony, S. D. (2011). The little black book of innovation: How it works, how to do it. [Intrapreneur’s Book Club book].

How to find opportunities to innovate: the Jobs-to-be-done theory

Christensen, C. M., Hall, T., Dillon, K., Duncan, D. S. (2016). Competing against luck: The story of innovation and customer choice. A classic, buy it!

Klement, A. (2018). When coffee and kale compete. Download for free here! Thanks Alan Klement!

Must-haves for testing business ideas

Ries, E. (2011). The lean startup: How constant innovation creates radically successful businesses. The book that launched the lean startup movement.

Maurya, A. (2012). Running lean: Iterate from plan A to a plan that works (2nd ed.). Learn about the Lean Model Canvas. A valuable tool to know.

Bland, D.J., Osterwalder, A. (2019). Testing business ideas: A field guide for rapid experimentation.

Improve your communication to influence (but take care; with power comes responsibility so use for good!)

Heath, C., Heath, D. (2007) Made to stick: Why some ideas survive and others die.

Berger, J. (2020). The catalyst: How to change anyone’s mind. [Intrapreneur’s Book Club book]

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