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by | Jan 8, 2024 | Innovation

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What do you do for fun?

If you want to be more creative and innovative, you want to be like a T. You need to develop deep expertise in what you do, in your job role (like an I), but also be exposed to things beyond it (like the top bar on the T; go broad).

By finding fun things that you do outside your role, you will be collecting different ideas and concepts that you can draw on when innovating within your work role. Your life will also be richer for it.

Here’s how my experiences in other areas have influenced my approach to helping organisations with innovation:

I’m learning to play the violin. I’m learning the THEORY that goes with each music grade, I PRACTICE every day, and I have a violin teacher who provides FEEDBACK on my performance. These three elements are essential.

Similarly, when I was young and learning karate, moving through the belt system from white to black. I learned the THEORY associated with each level and put it into PRACTICE with a teacher who provided FEEDBACK on my performance.

Over the last few years, I’ve been studying how we develop expertise in a chosen domain which links back to my own experiences of violin and karate.

I have brought what I’ve learned into how I teach and coach people in organisations to be better at innovation.

To develop expertise at anything, including being an innovator, it is valuable to understand the underlying THEORY, such as key innovation principles and the innovation process, apply this to real-world PRACTICE, and ensure that you can get FEEDBACK on your performance.  You can see why I’m so passionate about coaching – feedback is so important when learning a new skill.

What have you learned from OUTSIDE your day job that has helped you in your role?

This year, make time for those fun things beyond work because you, and your organisation, will be more creative and innovative for it. 

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