The power of perspective-shifting

by | Jul 18, 2023 | Innovation

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Do you see the white vase with the black background or the black faces with the white background? In this classic Rubin’s vase optical illusion, whilst there are two perspectives, you can only see one at a time – the vase or the faces. However, you can shift your perspective from seeing the vase to the faces, and back to the vase. Try it.

This flexibility in shifting perspectives is vital for innovation. You might spend most of your time focused on seeing the world from your business’s perspective, focused on increasing revenue and your brand, however, innovation requires you to shift your perspective to instead see the world from your customer’s perspective.

However, just like Rubin’s vase optical illusion, you can’t take both perspectives at the same time.

If you can master perspective-shifting, shifting from your business to your customer, you will have developed a key skill of great innovators.

How do you create these shifts in perspective? You need to be deliberate about this switching. 

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